We are delighted to arrange a workshop for all communities in Waterford about a playful street/city. This will take place on the 26th of April at 7.00pm. This is an opportunity to learn what you can do to make your community area can do to increase the opportunity for play and activity and “make your street a playful street”

To register for webinar  click here : Playful Street Webinar Registration

Find out all the information here: www.aplayfulcity.com/

And register your group/community/estate/are here: www.changex.org/ie/playful-street

Playful Streets are a low cost and easy way to turn streets into play spaces, by limiting access to vehicles for a few hours. At Playful Streets children and neighbors can safely play and socialise outside — just like you did when you were young 🙂 Playful Streets are meant to be simple, you’ll find that using your common sense is what you’ll need most. Playful Streets are big or small occasions. They can run for a couple of hours on any day of the week. They can be one-off or regular events.

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